Our Mission

To connect our community and enrich our local economy through our
owners, services and products.

We do this by offering:

  • Local, organic and sustainably produced products

  • Friendly, inviting and affordable grocery shopping and eating atmosphere

  • Structured, beneficial and fulfilling workplace

  • Example of a collaborative and locally invested business that invites and encourages the participation of the community

Our Vision

Our vision as a community-owned grocery and gathering place is to provide exceptional food products utilizing, as much as possible, our local, small, sustainable farmers.

Company Shops Market provides outstanding products to people who want to know where and how their food is raised, a fulfilling workplace and shopping experience, and an incentive for the preservation and initiation of small, local farms thereby supporting the well-being of our entire community.



Our history

Company Shops Market was founded in 2007 by a group of community members who desired to see a food cooperative thrive and succeed in downtown Burlington, North Carolina. Rather than construct a brand new facility, the founders instead renovated a historic building that was once an old grocery store (the A&P). Together with other businesses and entrepreneurs, we hope to help revitalize this downtown area, bring more people in and put money back into this community.