2015 is nearly upon us and now is the time millions of people start making goals and creating plans for the new year. According to Health.com, weight loss is one of the most popular and healthiest resolutions. It’s also one of the hardest to commit to. A recent article explained many people will fail in their New Year’s resolutions when they expect instant results and lack structure. Keeping a food journal, meal planning, exercising regularly and having accountability will help tremendously in achieving any weight loss goal.

Another popular New Year’s resolution is cutting stress. Relaxing, exercising, sleeping and socializing are all healthy ways to help cut down on added stress in your life. Many people will also set exercise goals, and even plan to participate in races in the coming year.

With the new year, it’s an excellent opportunity to start fresh. But it’s also easy to become too overwhelmed by setting unrealistic goals for yourself or making too many resolutions.

At Company Shops, you’ll find a healthy environment to encourage you in your New Year’s goals. From locally grown and organic produce, to gluten free and vegan options to humanely raised and grass-fed beef, we’re the place to help kickstart your resolutions.

Our staff have a lot of knowledge of healthy eating choices and can provide a great deal of insight on diets and lifestyle changes. Don’t be overwhelmed by all you hope to accomplish. Just focus on your goals one day at a time. And of course, visit your local co-op for information, help, tips, recipes and great food options!

Happy New Year!