We have lots of items you can buy in bulk. The term "bulk" sounds like you have to buy a large amount of the product, but it actually means that you buy only as much as you need! What a help it is to be able to buy in bulk, especially when:

  • You only need a small amount
  • You haven't tried it before, and want to see if you like it
  • You have your own container, and want to refill it (please get it weighed at the register first)
  • You want to avoid all that extra (often plastic), environmentally-unfriendly and unnecessary packaging!

Our bulk food section contains:

  • Nuts, including almonds, cashews, hazelnuts and walnuts
  • Beans, including chickpeas, black-eyed peas and kidney beans
  • Grains, including amaranth, barley, white and brown rice, wild rice, millet and quinoa
  • Granolas
  • Trail mixes, natural snacks and candies
  • Flour, including whole wheat and pastry
  • Sugars and sweeteners, including raw turbinado and stevia 
  • Dried fruits, including banana, cherries, currants, mango, and raisins
  • Reverse osmosis-purified and filtered water (city source)
  • Fair Trade coffee
  • and more!