What is Co+Op Explorers?

Co+Op Explorers is a FREE wellness program for kids 12 and under! Co+Op Explorers enjoy free fruit, learn about new healthy food, attend wellness activities, and explore our community! 

How do kids sign up?

To become a card-carrying Co+Op Explorer, kids simply need to bring a parent or supervising adult to the customer service counter and ask to join the program. Each child will receive a Co+Op Explorers packet, and will have his/her picture put on the Explorers Hall of Fame. 


After an Explorer is all signed up, he/she can enjoy one FREE piece of fruit with each visit to the store, and can start earning stickers for his/her Hall of Fame Sticker Board!

How does it work?

Explorers earn stickers for their Hall of Fame Sticker Board by doing the activities below:


  • Completing a page of the Co+Op Explorer Passport and showing a cashier

  • Completing a Co+Op Explorer coloring page and showing a cashier

  • Trying a new recipe and presenting a picture of your creation to a cashier

  • Reading a book on food, farming, cooking, or wellness from the Alamance County Public Libraries, and presenting the "Co+Op Explorer Card" found in the book to a cashier

  • Attending a Co+Op Explorer Activity


After an Explorer earns 10 stickers, he or she wins a gift bag! But the Co+Op Explorers program isn't just for kids! Take 5% off your entire purchase when your little Explorer hits 5 stickers, and then take 10% off once your Explorer has earned 10 stickers. Everyone wins!