About the Co+Op Summer Fund

As summer begins, we are entering what has traditionally been a slow period for sales. College students head home for the summer and families head out on vacations, depleting our customer base and decreasing our revenues.  Unfortunately, our operating expenses do not take a vacation.

We are asking all owners to join the board in assisting with the operating expenses during this slow summer period in order to meet the store’s immediate needs.

To get through these slow summer months, and place the store in a healthy position to make improvements, we would like to raise $50,000 by July 1, plus raise an additional $50,000 by August 1. Together, we believe we can accomplish our goal if each owner makes a modest contribution. 

As was mentioned at the annual meeting, we are asking all owners to spend at least $100 per month on groceries ($25 per week). Stock your coolers at Company Shops before heading to the beach!  Additionally, we ask that each owner considers contributing at least $50 towards summer operating expenses.

Please click the link below to give to the Co+Op Fund!

With your participation, we are confident that we can reach these goals.  Company Shops Market is the cornerstone of downtown Burlington, and with support from our owners, our store and city will thrive.  We are very grateful for your initial investment when you chose to become an owner, and we are working hard to build a strong future for our store.

Please click the Paypal link below to give online or stop by the store and make your contribution at the register to the summer fund. As always, your feedback is welcomed!


Ben Wright, General Manager

Board of Directors
April Durr
Jeff Wilkins
Jan Bowman
Aeriel MIller
Clay Smith
Tony Crider
Ann Meletzke
Elizabeth Read
Katharine Frazier
Jeremy Hunt
Stephen Walter
Carolyn Graham