Company Shops Market and Benevolence have teamed up to support women in Alamance County leaving prison. Read on to learn about Benevolence, our new partnership, and how you can help create a more caring and compassionate community!


About Benevolence 

Benevolence is a network which seeks to cultivate leadership, promote sustainable livelihoods, and reap structural change with individuals impacted by the criminal justice system in North Carolina. As part of their mission, Benevolence offers women leaving prison a place to live and work on a farm in Graham, where they grow food, nourish self, and foster community. You can visit their website here

About Benevolence Shoppers


The staff at Benevolence knew that food and eating would play a central part in the lives of the women living on the farm, and needed to create a financially sustainable program to support the women's monthly food budgets, which is were Company Shops Market comes in! We have developed the Benevolence Shoppers program, which allows customers to round-up their purchases to the next dollar amount and donate the difference to the Benevolence Shoppers Fund. At the end of each month, the money collected in the fund is transferred into gift cards and presented to the residents of Benevolence to do their grocery shopping at CSM. 


Food autonomy 

It was especially important for Benevolence that each woman receives her own gift card and has the ability to purchase and cook her own food, since there is so little control over one's own food in prison. Giving women the ability to make their own food decisions, and even to eat on their own, is in stark contrast to the impersonal and undignified food rituals of prison. While food is often associated with community and eating with others, preparing and eating food alone may be an opportunity for women leaving prison to reconnect with and nourish themselves. Company Shops Market honors the need for food autonomy by giving each resident her own personalized gift card. 

how to get involved

If you would like to participate, simply tell your cashier to round up your transaction to the next dollar amount as part of the Benevolence Shoppers program. If you are so moved, you can even donate more than your change. Specify the dollar amount you would like to donate, and your cashier will be able to transfer it to the Benevolence Shoppers Program. 


This program relies on shoppers like you choosing to support their fellow neighbors in Alamance County, and we couldn't do it without you. Thank you for your participation!