Owner Benefits

Company Shops Market is a collectively owned food cooperative (co-op), meaning that we are owned by YOU, the members of our community. Folks become part of our co-op family for a variety of reasons: to support a socially responsible business, to have access to local food, or perhaps to enjoy the sense of community and connectedness the co-op creates. We've compiled a few of our favorite benefits here, but if you're still not convinced, check out the explanatory short video below. 

  • 10% off your total purchase on the second Saturday of each month 
  • Owner-only Fresh Deals and owner-only coupons (valued at over $75.00/year)
  • 10% your first purchase as an owner 
  • Case and bulk ordering discounts
  • A year-end patronage dividend based on your purchases and the profitability of the co-op when declared by the Board of Directors to be prudent to do so
  • The right to run for Consumer-Owner positions on the Board of Directors
  • The right to vote for Consumer-Owner positions on the Board of Directors
  • Company Shops Market newsletter with owner information, product and service updates, and special events announcements
  • Access to health food classes and workshops
  • Investing in your local economy, local food, and local people





Like all cooperative business, Company Shops Market takes pride in adhering to the 7 Cooperative Principals. These core concepts guide everything we do, and help us infuse democratic principals into our business model. 


  1. Voluntary and open membership
    • Anyone can shop here, and anyone can become an owner.
  2. Democratic member control
    • We are beholden to you, our owners/members.
  3. Member economic participation
    • Members have a financial interest in our business, and in turn we rely on our members to keep our lights on and our doors open.
  4. Autonomy and independence
    • Unlike a chain store, we are an independent store with the ability to make our own decisions. 
  5. Education, training, and information 
    • We strive to be a resource for the most recent information on nutrition, healthy families, and strong communities. 
  6. Cooperation among cooperatives
    • We partner and support other cooperatives, such as Organic Valley and the Burlington Beer Cooperative. 
  7. Concern for community 
    • We are deeply invested in our community. That's why we buy from local farmers, and why we cater to local consumers. Concern for community is what we do, it's who we are, and it's why we're here. 


Individual Ownership: $100*

For any adult in the household wanting a full share offering in-store benefits, Patronage Dividend, the right to cast one vote for the board of directors.


Family Ownership: $150*

Allows two adults in the same household to receive in-store benefits and Patronage Dividend. Only one person has the right to vote.


Supplemental Ownership: $50*

Applied to additional adults (18+) who live in the same household as an Individual Ownership or a Family Ownership. Allows additional adults to receive in-store benefits and have purchases count towards the household Patronage Dividend. 


Student Ownership: $25

Allows students 18+ to enjoy in-store benefits, but does not include the right to cast a vote for the board of directors or the right to a Patronage Dividend. Must be reactivated yearly. 


* All fees are one time and not annual.

To download a Membership form, please click here. Please print it out and bring your completed form to Company Shops Market. Membership forms are also available in the store.