Company Shops Market Begins Implementing New Strategic Plan

Dear Company Shops Market Owner:

We have made considerable progress in implementing the strategic plan we outlined last fall. In addition to the changes we have made over the last six months, we are working to implement additional improvements to create the sustainable business we all know Company Shops Market can be.

As you may remember, Phase 1 of our plan is built on the following promises:

  • Improved customer service
  • Improved grab and go
  • Improved quality and consistency of our deli service

We have received favorable response from many of you regarding the above, and we appreciate your ongoing feedback on how we can continue to improve.

As we have noted before, this is a seasonal business. We typically see sales trend upward during Spring and Fall and decline in Summer and late Winter. These trends have continued, and we have supplemented our sales by offering more specials and popup events during slow months. These initiatives have been very well attended and received.

After the holidays, we realized that while we have made many changes with an eye to developing relationships and being strategic about ordering the products you are willing to buy, we continue to be challenged making the sales necessary to be sustainable. In response, we hired Katharine Frazier to serve as the Restructuring Consultant. Katharine received her Master's in Business Administration from Elon University with many honors, including the 2017 Richard H. Behrman Award for Student of the Year. With years of experience leading a growing small business, Katharine began consulting in early 2018 and is excited about potential opportunities for Company Shops Market.

Her focus is on two core strategies;

  • Serve as single contact between staff and board to support improved operations
  • Implement strategies to change the look of the store and increase sales through highly curated inventory

We are embarking on this phase now. You will see significant changes to the layout of the market, as we reconfigure to better utilize our space while taking a leaner approach to operations.

Please know we continue to appreciate your support of the market and need not only your feedback, but your involvement to be successful. Please contact us to find out how you can be a part of the change.

Thank you,
Company Shops Market Board of Directors