Company Shops Market Begins Implementing New Strategic Plan

Board members form transition team to provide management and guidance
Burlington, North Carolina, Friday, September 15, 2017 - On Thursday, August 24, the Company Shops Market Board of Directors presented a new strategic vision to its owners. When this vision is realized, the store will be a downtown kitchen that serves Alamance County families by stocking and preparing a curated selection of high-quality local, artisanal, and grocery items.

The Board has formed a transition team to oversee implementation of the strategic plan. Team members include board president Ann Meletzke; Jeremy Hunt, vice-president; and Carolyn Graham, treasurer. This project team will serve until January 1, when the board expects to have a new general manager in place.

“Our transition team will execute changes to deliver the highest level of customer service, a carefully curated selection of products, and personalized experiences for our customers,” says Meletzke." These are the first phases of our strategic plan, and we are looking forward to expanding the store’s role as the cornerstone of Downtown Burlington’s revitalization efforts. When it is complete, Company Shops Market will be a grocery store that serves as Burlington’s Downtown Kitchen, a vibrant center of community where fresh, locally-grown foods are provided, raw and prepared, for local families.”

About Company Shops Market
Established in 2010, Company Shops Market is a community-owned grocery and gathering place that provides exceptional food products utilizing, as much as possible, local, small, sustainable farmers. In addition, Company Shops Market supports the wellbeing of our entire community by providing a fulfilling workplace, an exceptional shopping experience, and an incentive for the preservation and initiation of small, local farms.

Ann Meletzke, 336.214.0771