"It's another sunny day at our Co+Op.  Folks are seated outside with their toasted, made-to-order signature sandwiches, hot bar dishes, and an ice-cold natural Puck's soda.  Fresh salads and snack-size bags of Kettle Chips accompany each.  Our sleek, state-of-the-art kitchen equipment produces sandwiches, fresh hot food, and bread at the drop of a hat.  The sound of laughter and chatter fill the sidewalks as the last worry people have on their minds is, "What am I going to eat?" 

Inside, the Cafe is packed full of professional eaters, having their work meetings, writing novels, surfing the latest social media posts, spending quality time with their out-of-town families, and just loving their prepared foods.  The quick and busy nab the best grab n go salads and wraps as they run to their next appointment.  Our own Prepared Foods Hub supplies our deli shelves consistently and ensures that our owners and customers are able to purchase their favorites. 

The Beer Growler taps are flowing with latest and weirdest brews our local brewers have to offer.  Weekly wine tastings are the talk of the weekend among the avid wine lovers.  Live, rich, local music accompanies the open ceilings and fills our store with the sound of merriment.
Local vendors fill the store with active demos and sharing their stories.  Down the aisles, customers are filling their baskets and carts with the best locally, sourced goods.  These grocery warriors are studying the latest seasonal recipes and hunting down those needed ingredients to get a taste of local, knowing that they can depend on their Co+Op for their family's needs.  Children are carrying on exploring the world of produce by enjoying the choicest fruit of the month.  Families come each weekend to enjoy the fullness of the Co+Op offerings and participating in our family Saturday events. Our Health & Wellness department changes lives by giving knowledgeable direction and carrying the highest quality health and beauty products. Nutritionists and dieticians use us as a prime source for health and wellness referrals. Our store runs on completely green energy with LED lighting and the best refrigeration the market has to offer. 

Our Co+Op grocery store is mentioned over and over again in business magazines as being a prime example of excellent customer service. Our Co+Op is recognized as a top profitable business that invests in the needs of its surrounding community and puts its values and principles first.”