Here is a list of foods that you can eat to help stave off that cold or help manage those allergies. Eat up!

  • Fruits are right in vitamin C.  You can get the most from fruits such as kiwi, oranges, cantaloupe and other citrus fruits. You can also eat fruits like papaya which not only has vitamin C but substances that can be turned into vitamin A.  Vitamin A is great for improving hair, skin and eyes.
  • Beets are a hidden gem when it comes to immune health.  Cooked beats can be added to smoothies and salads easily.  This extra punch will add antioxidants and magnesium to your diet.  The additional magnesium will help keep your muscles moving and working well.
  • Flax seed is another fantastic, yet stealthy, addition to your diet. Flax seed has been discussed before because of its omega-3 content.  These seeds also have vitamin E to keep your cells healthy.  Don’t eat them just yet, these little guys need to be ground up to get the best effects.  They can also be added to smoothies, cereal and almost anything to add some fiber.
  • Eggs are the final recommended food to add to keep a healthy immune system.  The egg yolk is chalk full of nutrients.  Making sure your body has enough protein and nutrients is the best way to shorten or prevent a cold.  Eggs also have selenium in them which is a mineral that promotes general immunity.

This is only skimming the top on foods that can be eaten to help your immune system. Reading the label, if applicable, on the sides of foods can help you see what your eating.  Look for things with over 100% of your vitamin C daily recommendation.  Also, look for things with vitamin E or other minerals.  Our knowledgeable staff is happy to help you find whatever you may need to boost your immune system!